Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I had high expectations for Makeup GeekEyeshadows; they are plastered across YouTube, Instagram and my favourite beauty blogs, so last week I made a purchase on Beauty Bay and decided to try a few shades for myself.

And let me just say, they did not let me down.

The quality of these eyeshadows is highly comparable to my higher end eyeshadows: Nars, Mac and Urban Decay. The good news is: they are a fraction of the price! These shades retail for AUD $10.00 on

These eyeshadows are ridiculously buttery, highly pigmented and blend effortlessly. Each eyeshadow pan is magnetic, so I recommend purchasing a Z-Palette so that you can customise your own palette. I also purchase these palettes off Beauty Bay as there is a wide variety to choose from.

(From top right: roulette, cocobear, tiki hut, chickadee, frappe)

And swatched in the order below:

Coco Bear:
Finish: matte

Colour: medium-dark reddish, brown. I love using this colour to deepen up the crease and lower lash line when I am creating a more dramatic look.

Tiki Hut:

Finish: matte
Colour: medium, warm-toned brown. This colour is perfect for when I am in a rush as I like to blend it all over my lid and into my crease-it looks like I spent a lot more time on my eyeshadow than I did!


Finish: matte

Colour: orange with yellow undertones. This shade is such a gorgeous and unique transition colour for the crease. It’s a definite must in my collection.


Finish: matte
Colour: medium toned coffee-brown. This is another stunning transition shade that I love to use on my clients. This shade looks amazing paired with a gold eyeshadow on the lid such as MAC ‘Amber Lights.’


Finish: shimmery
Colour: reddish, rose gold. This is probably my favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadow that I own. I love using it on my clients with blue eyes as it makes them pop and look INCREDIBLE (And that’s an understatement!). I use this colour on the lid only and make sure to use matte shades in the crease and brow bone, so all the focus is on this gorgeous colour!

I hope this review was helpful and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these eyeshadows!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

And the Becca Obsession Continues…

Following my recent post about my Becca obsession, I finally managed to get my hands on the most stunning highlighter EVER-Champagne pop! This is a limited edition highlighter, which is a collaboration with Becca and YouYube beauty vlogger, Jaclyn Hill-aka. The queen of highlighting!

Just look at the packaging.....sooooo pretty :)

ChampagnePop is probably the most universal highlighter I have ever come across-it seriously compliments every skin tone. I find for the paler skins sometimes highlighters can look too dark and muddy, while on darker skin tones they can leave a not so pretty white streak. However the peach hue of this highlight is the reason why it is so flattering-it is the perfect combination of pink and yellow.

This highlight is part of the ‘Shimmering Skin perfector Pressed’ range by Becca. I have also gotten my hands on Rose Gold, which is a stunning, unique shade. I would recommend this highlighter for medium to darker skin tones, because it is a warm-toned, peach/brown with rose gold and copper shimmer.

The texture of these highlighters is soft, finely milled and blend like liquid. I can easily wear these highlighters for eight hours and the still look flawless-which I cannot say about many highlighters. I apply these products with a fan brush as it provides a natural, glowy finish without emphasising the pores and does not apply too much of the product.

If you are on the market for a new high-end highlighter these are some of  the best ones that I have ever tried. They are the most unique colours and definitely worth the hype!